6 Precious Tips To Help You Cope When Loved one Dies.

By Shadrack.

Grieving the loss of a loved one isn’t a simple thing. You might find yourself unable to
control your emotions during this period. That’s why you need to know how to control these emotions.

1. Mention your feelings to a trusted person.
You need to look for a trusted person to tell a story about the loss. A friend or a close relative would be a perfect choice. Talking about it helps fasten your healing process.

2-Enroll in a support group.
It would help if you had social support to control your emotions during loss. That’s why it’s important to join a support group. If you don’t know of one, your pastor is in a better position to advise you.

3-Take care of your health.
Grieving can take a toll on your health. This happens as you lose appetite when grieving. As a result,
you need to come up with ways to maintain healthy eating habits.

4- Accept your feeling.
When grieving, feelings of despair, anxiety, and loss might take a toll on you. Always accept these feelings so that you can heal fast. Isolating yourself will make this worse.

5-Get a good company.
During and after the funeral try to be close to good friends and family members who understand your situation, they would help you forget the bad feelings and memory.

6-Listening to Music and Resting.
This can be another important action to help your recover from the previous situation as well eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep can help your physical and emotional health.
If the situation is worse, kindly check for a psychologist to help you get better to handle the fear, guilt, or anxiety that can be associated with the death of a loved one.

Mourning the loss of an in-depth friend or relative takes time, but it has been proven to be the catalyst for a renewed sense of meaning that gives purpose and direction to a new life.


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Are you at home?

Now that we have been recommended to stay at home In an effort visibly to combat the unfold of the corona virus and the curfew, what are you capable of doing at the end of this self-quarantine.

It can be tricky especially to people who haven’t had the experience on staying at home and having no idea how the day will end .
They have little to do while indoors, they move from one corner of the house and looking at the time is still not moving.
I have some ideas that can make your day end well while you are improving your career as well las looking side hustle to top up your income.
Staying at home does not mean being idle, you can still use below ideas to work from home while the government is fighting this pandemic disease.

Coronavirus: 'Call a truce and be kind while stuck indoors' - BBC News

Remember, time wasted can in no manner be recovered.
Below are 7 basic things to make use of the time all through the indoor period.

1)Set up a weblog/ internet website online.

How to use blogging as a top marketing tool

Blog on something you love and passionate about. For instance, food, movie adventure, lifestyles e.t.c the one’s reviews are better even as shared via a weblog.

There are hundreds of the platform from where you can do this, for free or high-priced professional websites but it’s also free to blog on WordPress.Com
Blogging can help you become busy, while you are connecting your ideas to the world, hence establish new friends who will be reading your posts. Who knows this may turn to your source of income in the long run.

2-Expand an Ecommerce web page.

Build Your Unique eCommerce Platform in Qatar

The Ecommerce is extremely good ways to do aspect hustle enterprise people are truly discovering the POwer of online orders and same-day shipping, set up an Ecommerce net website for that detail Hustle – promote and supply stuff like shoes, mitumba, cakes, catering services etc. There are such a number of several services. And goods that are side hustles which have turn out to be corporations, Look for any that is your ability to deliver. This we require a few initial charge plans.

3.Taking Care Of Babies.

black-baby-smiling - Black Enterprise

If God has blessed you with a baby, this time round, you have plenty time to take care and make every effort to feed your baby well. Sometime job denies couple to look after there young children leaving them to house girls . If you have been busy , and you need a child, this is the time to try your best with your couple.
Take time and have a family conversation on this idea.

4-Play alongside Your family members.

87 fun things to do at home— avoid that coronavirus cabin fever

Find time with your children and make up for what you have not been capable of doing. That is the time to play together at the side of your own family, talk your development, your screw-ups in the beyond, and spot what you do after this pandemic goes off.

5-Nourish your mind and Soul.

Benefits of Reading Traditional Books and EBooks

Re-ignite your lifestyles, look at your Bible, pray, replicate and uplift your spirit.
Study exclusive charming books as nicely to nourish your thoughts, download an extensive sort of books and eBooks from diverse web sites like Amazon to examine during this time.

6-Update your CV Using brief guides on-line.

Do masses on google, it won’t cost you much to access internet services at home.

Research freely online how you could replace your cv and use this free time to accomplish that. You never realize when the job vacancy can be marketed online.
Update and save them on your emails.
You don’t necessarily need to have a laptop to do that. 
Your easy android phone can try this. Even this post you are reading, I wrote the use of my cellphone.

7-Accomplish something constructive .

Ordinary family of three with teenager doing housework together in ...

Do cleaning, watch essential tv documentaries, help your children to examine a few problems and do assignments.

I need to understand what you are currently doing at home.
Respond to beneath contacts.
Take care
Kaa Nyumbani.

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Top 8 Problems facing Marriages Today

A robust and healthy relationship enables you to enjoy your life, work, and other activities. However, some problems might arise, and just like a car needs maintenance, so does your relationship need the care to perform efficiently. Every married couple goes through challenges. Some of these challenges may be easy to handle, while others may be challenging to tackle to the extent of breaking the marriage.

By taking the time to look at this piece of writing confirms that your marriage is in trouble. It’s essential to have heads up on some of the common problems facing marriage and how to overcome them.

Financial struggles

The stress associated with money can be very overwhelming. You and your partner might be earning different amounts of salaries or have different spending habits. It is prevalent to have a hard time to discuss financial matters. But it’s even harder to live with a spouse who picks fights and is less patient with you because of financial disagreements.

It’s always advisable to have all financial matters clear whether you are fighting over it or not. You two should plan about money together, stick to the plan, and always strive to be on the same page when it comes to financing.

Lack of sexual intimacy

After living with each other for a while, the sexual excitement might reduce. Sex might seem like an insignificant part of marriage, but it’s challenging to build a robust and healthy relationship without it. Refusing to have sex with your partner can breed other problems like infidelity or emotional disconnect.

Married couples must keep their sexual life fresh and fulfilling. You will require to keep your head up. Discuss what makes you hot and horny. Think of things like an escape to a hotel room, a weekend out or a nature retreat. Keep in mind that a stable working marriage requires physical effort.

Emotional disconnect

It is not unusual that after marriage, couples get emotionally disconnected. It typically happens when one of them is going through a rough patch, and there is no means of proper communication with the other spouse. An emotional disconnect can cause one of the spouses to look for comfort and fulfillment elsewhere, which can may be termed as cheating. It is imperative to be sensitive and very supportive of your partner’s emotional needs.

Lack of communication

Communication is essential in any relationship. It connects two people and allows them to share ideas and information. It’s easy to navigate through a struggle with proper channels of communication. Lack of proper communication leads to ineffective speaking, misunderstanding, and even disagreements. Spouses should practice how to communicate with each other. By doing so, they will keep their marriage happy and on track.

Redirected attention

There is always a problem when the focus is redirected from a relationship to other interests. Someone may want to build a career, take care of the kids, invest or engage in other hobbies. When either of the spouses, redirects focus its automatic that the other partner will feel lonely, and the relationship will suffer from lack of attention. The worst thing that a couple can do in such a situation is to overreact. There is more to life other than marriage. Understand that your spouse has already won you and is now pursuing other challenges in life. Look for a way to grow your relationship and support each other’s ambitions’.


Selfishness may creep in as emotional negligence, disrespect, jealousy, being manipulative, and abusive. Greed can quickly build up other problems in a relationship like feeling unworthy and unloved. Try to reach out to your spouse and discuss how to avoid issues of selfishness in your marriage effectively. The best way to prevent is to act with love and being considerate of your partner’s needs.

Lack of Trust

Trust is critical in every marriage. It’s not uncommon to find one spouse checking his/her partners’ phone these days. When a spouse lies, breaks a promise or cheats, it becomes hard to build trust again. Without trust, marriage cannot flourish. Spouses should, at all times, avoid things that can break trust. If faith has already, then both spouses should be committed to mending their relationship. The best way to do so by apologizing, showing sincerer regret, and changing for the best.

Controlling issues

Most married couples try to change their partners. May it be their way of dressing, beliefs, or other habits. The worst scenarios of controlling behaviors are; withholding money, giving unwanted pieces of advice, or even ordering your spouse around. In turn, it brings feelings of disrespect, withdrawal, and anger. It makes the victimized spouse have a hard time to love and communicate freely. It’s always best to draw lines even in marriage life. Try to reach out to your spouse and talk about any controlling behavior he/she might be having.

Final thought

Most of these problems come up from lack of assertive communication and fear, to be honest. With these eight common problems and solutions, you may now see issues that you need to address personally with your spouse to build a healthy, working marriage.