A Parent’s Guide On Nurturing Their Children This Holiday. See

Are you a parent looking for ways to spend the holiday with your children and nurture their talents?

This article is for you.

According to a survey by polling, children below 14 years old spend about 23 hours on their gadgets.

Unfortunately, this is half the time they spend engaging with their parents. This is a pointer on the need for you to devise ways on how to spend the holiday with your kids in the best way possible.

Limit internet accessibility.

Spending tons of time on the screens rob out the creativity of your children and may throw them into depression. So, always limit the time they spend on gadgets.

As a result, you will be able to nurture their talents early in life and support them in advancing their careers in case it is in line with these talents. In this article, learn about how parents should spend the holiday with their children.

Involve them in household chores
According to research by Marty Rossman, involving your children in house tasks have a positive impact on them later on in life.

This is because it teaches them about the sense of responsibility right froma tender age. Most people ask how parents should spend the holiday with their children. It’s as simple as letting them make their bed after waking up, clean up their room and set the table before a meal, among others.

Involving them in household chores makes them responsible and instills discipline in them. These are examples of the tasks you should assign them to make them grounded and creative as they grow.

Observe them as they play.
To easily tell what your child’s talent is, observe themcarefully as they play. Note how they behave amid their peers. Do they enjoy being in groups or playing solo? Over the holidays when your children are playing, make sure you note these traits that distinguish them from the crowd.

Ultimately, these are their talents . For example, some children enjoy sports and others are inclined to hobbies like drawing and dancing. When you are sure of their abilities and interests, you can easily nurture the talent until it’s a career. This will not only give a sense of achievement to you but also to your children.

Research shows that world-famous superstars had their parents’ support their talent right from their childhood days.
Enroll them for classes.
Are your children interested in sports, swimming, dancing, or modeling? Enroll them in these classes to perfect their art. Giving them both moral and monetary support in pursuit of their dreams is enough assurance you are in it together . For instance, does your five-year-old sing along to songs and is never distracted from music?

Consider enrolling them for music lessons to nurture the singing gift in them. Supporting the specific dreams of your children gives them confidence and high self-esteem. It makes them realize they can become great people in life.


Parenting can be very involving but nothing should come in the way of nurturing your children’s talents. This article about how parents should spend the holiday with their children will give you smart tips that work. The ways you can nurture their talents during the holiday are also simple to follow. Furthermore, ensure that you spend a memorable vacation with your children to make the feel appreciated.

Best ways To Celebrate This Holiday Without Spoiling Your January Budget.

It’s finally December!


The festive season is now in full gear.
Sadly, for some, this is also one of the most sorrowful seasons.

Whether sad or happy, you need to make the most of this month.

Yey, it’s almost Christmas, one of the most longed for festive seasons all over the world. However it’s unfortunate when the rainy season coincides with the Christmas season.

Christmas should be a holiday filled with cheer, decorations and time with family and friends.

With all the rain lately, there are landslides, flash floods, storms and all forms of disasters.

Christmas holidays are meant to make us forget all our troubles for some time. However, the rains come with unexpected costs for extra clothing, medication for cold as well as fixing destroyed fences and houses.
Are you looking for economical ways to celebrate Christmas during this rainy season?
Here are some ways you can celebrate without spending much as the month of January is watching from a distance.

Watch Christmas movies to learn the meaning of Christmas

Christmas movies are just a few bucks away on Netflix. You can also stream on YouTube for a lot of free Christmas movies. This will save you movie theatre tickets that are quite expensive during this time of the year.

Your spirit of adventure can also be quenched here as you learn on the origin of this day, both in the secular and religious perspectives.

The wide variety of movies and documentaries gives you all the freedom you need to choose one that suits you. All you need is a reliable internet connection. Also, since the rain might cause faults in the cable connections, you can download them when you get the chance to avoid inconveniences later.

Read Christmas stories together with your loved ones.
Enter the festive mode by reading both funny and inspirational stories together with your family members. This should be accompanied by discussions and just having a chat as a family. You can also sing carols found in the books for the young ones who might seem bored with the discussion part of the day. Reflect on the origin and purpose of Christmas.

Give gifts and presents to your neighbours.
Giving presents and gifts are common at this part of the year, but these gifts should not be centred around friends and family alone. Reach out to the needy people in your neighbourhood. Send gifts or offer your time to the children’s home and celebrate together with them because that is what Christians should do. Rain should not be a barrier, those far from you, send them subscription cards so that they acquire food from their nearest groceries and food stores.

Donate to your favourite charity.
Due to the rains, travelling can be a lot more expensive thus instead of visiting the needy give out the money inform of donations in the church, food banks, homeless shelters. At this time of the year many charities put up donation centres to collect these items. It’s very fulfilling to help someone in need during Christmas and any other time of the year.
Spend time at the hospital or an animal shelter helping with the work that might be available.

Encourage the sick in the hospitals, pray for them if you can, and just make sure you are there for them. Tend to the orphaned animals. By doing this, you’ll be giving back to the nature which is still a fun way of celebrating Christmas. Offer the love that most people need during this season but they have no one to give them.

During rainy season it gets messy due to heavy or light unending showers. You may incur extra costs when trying to maintain your annual Christmas routine. This article gives some ideas of Celebrating Christmas that are more economical and equally enjoyable. By watching movies and telling stories, you get to understand various perspectives of Christmas. You also get to spend time with your family. Showing love and giving back to nature are also some of the most fulfilling ways to spend a Rainy Christmas.
I wish you a Merry Christmas Folks!