Cooking for your family at home is a pleasurable experience. On top of that, spending some time with your family eating delicious meals on a special occasion like celebrating Christmas is one of the best feelings in the world.

This is because you get a chance to choose the best Christmas recipes which are also cheap. You can then prepare amazing meals that are finger-licking and your family cannot help but enjoy. Here are the 5 cheapest foods to cook for your family this Christmas.

Oatmeal with some sliced banana 

This is a strong breakfast for the family including toddlers between one to three years old. The oatmeal gives a touch of sweetness and a good dose of minerals and vitamins to the body. The banana alters the taste of breakfast and enhances a boost of fibre to your body, vitamin E and fatty acids. Oats are important as it prevents cardiovascular disease, prevent constipation, controls blood sugar levels, reduce hypertension, reduce cancer risk, contain a rich source of magnesium, supports weight loss since it is a low-calorie food, protects skin and enhances immune response to disease. For breakfast this Christmas, try oatmeal with some sliced banana.

Turtle beans/ black beans and rice

 They are classified as legumes and are prized for their fibre content and high protein for the body. Turtle beans strengthen bones; protect heart since they contain quercetin and saponins which are essential for the heart. Taking half-cup of black beans is enough for a small family of three since it contains around 114 kilocalories per half cup. Rice gives the body starch content. So this Christmas, you can consider black beans and rice for lunch.

Spaghetti with homemade marinara

It is a food with good source of vitamin A, vitamin E and has low cholesterol.  “Real marinara sauce has the sauce and the taste of juice of fresh tomato, but also a velvety texture and rich bite of love oil, “says Oretta Zanini de Vita, “even the best jarred sauces cannot pull that off”. Some spaghettis with homemade marinara will make a great combination for Christmas day.

Grilled cheese and tomato meal 

This is one of the kids’ favourite meals when served with tomato soup. It is delicious and irresistible to your family. Buy sliced cheese and  make at least one grilled cheese for your family. It is economical, easy to prepare and also provides Vitamin C component to our bodies. Grilled cheese and tomato meal should be in your list for Christmas meals.

Short grain varieties of rice with vegetables 

This gives a sticky and sumptuous texture to the dish, especially for supper. It also gives the little starch and vitamins needed by the body at night. The vegetables provide the body with vitamins and help you lose weight and at the same time limit the amount of fats in your body. Try short grain varieties of rice and vegetables this Christmas for a great time with your family.


Muthokoi is popular Kenyan meal prepared using de-husked maize. It is prepared with green peeas and you can prepare it for your family this Christmas. The method of preparing muthokoi is simple and quick, so you don’t have to keep your family waiting. In place of cow peas, you can use other beans to make it delicious. When cooked, serve it while hot and let your family enjoy.

Beef Stew

Beef stew is one of the delicious meals you should prepare for your family this festive season. You can opt for goat meat, beef or pork. Ensure that you cook your meat until it’s tender. Beef stew served alongside vegetables, rice and chapatis will make a great lunch this season. Don’t let your family down this Christmas by skipping a beef stew lunch. Prepare it to ensure they get the best of times enjoying such a delicious meal together.


You should always consider preparing food for your family at home. This not only brings great memories but also makes you enjoy the good times. Eating a home-made meal be it breakfast, lunch or supper makes you stay together as a family. Therefore, consider trying out the above 5 cheapest foods the next time you are preparing a family meal. In so doing, you can be sure of a healthy Christmas since you can take care of a well-balanced diet.

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