A Parent’s Guide On Nurturing Their Children This Holiday. See

Are you a parent looking for ways to spend the holiday with your children and nurture their talents?

This article is for you.

According to a survey by polling, children below 14 years old spend about 23 hours on their gadgets.

Unfortunately, this is half the time they spend engaging with their parents. This is a pointer on the need for you to devise ways on how to spend the holiday with your kids in the best way possible.

Limit internet accessibility.

Spending tons of time on the screens rob out the creativity of your children and may throw them into depression. So, always limit the time they spend on gadgets.

As a result, you will be able to nurture their talents early in life and support them in advancing their careers in case it is in line with these talents. In this article, learn about how parents should spend the holiday with their children.

Involve them in household chores
According to research by Marty Rossman, involving your children in house tasks have a positive impact on them later on in life.

This is because it teaches them about the sense of responsibility right froma tender age. Most people ask how parents should spend the holiday with their children. It’s as simple as letting them make their bed after waking up, clean up their room and set the table before a meal, among others.

Involving them in household chores makes them responsible and instills discipline in them. These are examples of the tasks you should assign them to make them grounded and creative as they grow.

Observe them as they play.
To easily tell what your child’s talent is, observe themcarefully as they play. Note how they behave amid their peers. Do they enjoy being in groups or playing solo? Over the holidays when your children are playing, make sure you note these traits that distinguish them from the crowd.

Ultimately, these are their talents . For example, some children enjoy sports and others are inclined to hobbies like drawing and dancing. When you are sure of their abilities and interests, you can easily nurture the talent until it’s a career. This will not only give a sense of achievement to you but also to your children.

Research shows that world-famous superstars had their parents’ support their talent right from their childhood days.
Enroll them for classes.
Are your children interested in sports, swimming, dancing, or modeling? Enroll them in these classes to perfect their art. Giving them both moral and monetary support in pursuit of their dreams is enough assurance you are in it together . For instance, does your five-year-old sing along to songs and is never distracted from music?

Consider enrolling them for music lessons to nurture the singing gift in them. Supporting the specific dreams of your children gives them confidence and high self-esteem. It makes them realize they can become great people in life.


Parenting can be very involving but nothing should come in the way of nurturing your children’s talents. This article about how parents should spend the holiday with their children will give you smart tips that work. The ways you can nurture their talents during the holiday are also simple to follow. Furthermore, ensure that you spend a memorable vacation with your children to make the feel appreciated.

Top 8 Problems facing Marriages Today

A robust and healthy relationship enables you to enjoy your life, work, and other activities. However, some problems might arise, and just like a car needs maintenance, so does your relationship need the care to perform efficiently. Every married couple goes through challenges. Some of these challenges may be easy to handle, while others may be challenging to tackle to the extent of breaking the marriage.

By taking the time to look at this piece of writing confirms that your marriage is in trouble. It’s essential to have heads up on some of the common problems facing marriage and how to overcome them.

Financial struggles

The stress associated with money can be very overwhelming. You and your partner might be earning different amounts of salaries or have different spending habits. It is prevalent to have a hard time to discuss financial matters. But it’s even harder to live with a spouse who picks fights and is less patient with you because of financial disagreements.

It’s always advisable to have all financial matters clear whether you are fighting over it or not. You two should plan about money together, stick to the plan, and always strive to be on the same page when it comes to financing.

Lack of sexual intimacy

After living with each other for a while, the sexual excitement might reduce. Sex might seem like an insignificant part of marriage, but it’s challenging to build a robust and healthy relationship without it. Refusing to have sex with your partner can breed other problems like infidelity or emotional disconnect.

Married couples must keep their sexual life fresh and fulfilling. You will require to keep your head up. Discuss what makes you hot and horny. Think of things like an escape to a hotel room, a weekend out or a nature retreat. Keep in mind that a stable working marriage requires physical effort.

Emotional disconnect

It is not unusual that after marriage, couples get emotionally disconnected. It typically happens when one of them is going through a rough patch, and there is no means of proper communication with the other spouse. An emotional disconnect can cause one of the spouses to look for comfort and fulfillment elsewhere, which can may be termed as cheating. It is imperative to be sensitive and very supportive of your partner’s emotional needs.

Lack of communication

Communication is essential in any relationship. It connects two people and allows them to share ideas and information. It’s easy to navigate through a struggle with proper channels of communication. Lack of proper communication leads to ineffective speaking, misunderstanding, and even disagreements. Spouses should practice how to communicate with each other. By doing so, they will keep their marriage happy and on track.

Redirected attention

There is always a problem when the focus is redirected from a relationship to other interests. Someone may want to build a career, take care of the kids, invest or engage in other hobbies. When either of the spouses, redirects focus its automatic that the other partner will feel lonely, and the relationship will suffer from lack of attention. The worst thing that a couple can do in such a situation is to overreact. There is more to life other than marriage. Understand that your spouse has already won you and is now pursuing other challenges in life. Look for a way to grow your relationship and support each other’s ambitions’.


Selfishness may creep in as emotional negligence, disrespect, jealousy, being manipulative, and abusive. Greed can quickly build up other problems in a relationship like feeling unworthy and unloved. Try to reach out to your spouse and discuss how to avoid issues of selfishness in your marriage effectively. The best way to prevent is to act with love and being considerate of your partner’s needs.

Lack of Trust

Trust is critical in every marriage. It’s not uncommon to find one spouse checking his/her partners’ phone these days. When a spouse lies, breaks a promise or cheats, it becomes hard to build trust again. Without trust, marriage cannot flourish. Spouses should, at all times, avoid things that can break trust. If faith has already, then both spouses should be committed to mending their relationship. The best way to do so by apologizing, showing sincerer regret, and changing for the best.

Controlling issues

Most married couples try to change their partners. May it be their way of dressing, beliefs, or other habits. The worst scenarios of controlling behaviors are; withholding money, giving unwanted pieces of advice, or even ordering your spouse around. In turn, it brings feelings of disrespect, withdrawal, and anger. It makes the victimized spouse have a hard time to love and communicate freely. It’s always best to draw lines even in marriage life. Try to reach out to your spouse and talk about any controlling behavior he/she might be having.

Final thought

Most of these problems come up from lack of assertive communication and fear, to be honest. With these eight common problems and solutions, you may now see issues that you need to address personally with your spouse to build a healthy, working marriage.

5 Cheapest And Nutritious Food Recipes For Your Family.f

Cooking for your family at home is a pleasurable experience. On top of that, spending some time with your family eating delicious meals on a special occasion like celebrating Christmas is one of the best feelings in the world.

This is because you get a chance to choose the best Christmas recipes which are also cheap. You can then prepare amazing meals that are finger-licking and your family cannot help but enjoy. Here are the 5 cheapest foods to cook for your family this Christmas.

Oatmeal with some sliced banana 

This is a strong breakfast for the family including toddlers between one to three years old. The oatmeal gives a touch of sweetness and a good dose of minerals and vitamins to the body. The banana alters the taste of breakfast and enhances a boost of fibre to your body, vitamin E and fatty acids. Oats are important as it prevents cardiovascular disease, prevent constipation, controls blood sugar levels, reduce hypertension, reduce cancer risk, contain a rich source of magnesium, supports weight loss since it is a low-calorie food, protects skin and enhances immune response to disease. For breakfast this Christmas, try oatmeal with some sliced banana.

Turtle beans/ black beans and rice

 They are classified as legumes and are prized for their fibre content and high protein for the body. Turtle beans strengthen bones; protect heart since they contain quercetin and saponins which are essential for the heart. Taking half-cup of black beans is enough for a small family of three since it contains around 114 kilocalories per half cup. Rice gives the body starch content. So this Christmas, you can consider black beans and rice for lunch.

Spaghetti with homemade marinara

It is a food with good source of vitamin A, vitamin E and has low cholesterol.  “Real marinara sauce has the sauce and the taste of juice of fresh tomato, but also a velvety texture and rich bite of love oil, “says Oretta Zanini de Vita, “even the best jarred sauces cannot pull that off”. Some spaghettis with homemade marinara will make a great combination for Christmas day.

Grilled cheese and tomato meal 

This is one of the kids’ favourite meals when served with tomato soup. It is delicious and irresistible to your family. Buy sliced cheese and  make at least one grilled cheese for your family. It is economical, easy to prepare and also provides Vitamin C component to our bodies. Grilled cheese and tomato meal should be in your list for Christmas meals.

Short grain varieties of rice with vegetables 

This gives a sticky and sumptuous texture to the dish, especially for supper. It also gives the little starch and vitamins needed by the body at night. The vegetables provide the body with vitamins and help you lose weight and at the same time limit the amount of fats in your body. Try short grain varieties of rice and vegetables this Christmas for a great time with your family.


Muthokoi is popular Kenyan meal prepared using de-husked maize. It is prepared with green peeas and you can prepare it for your family this Christmas. The method of preparing muthokoi is simple and quick, so you don’t have to keep your family waiting. In place of cow peas, you can use other beans to make it delicious. When cooked, serve it while hot and let your family enjoy.

Beef Stew

Beef stew is one of the delicious meals you should prepare for your family this festive season. You can opt for goat meat, beef or pork. Ensure that you cook your meat until it’s tender. Beef stew served alongside vegetables, rice and chapatis will make a great lunch this season. Don’t let your family down this Christmas by skipping a beef stew lunch. Prepare it to ensure they get the best of times enjoying such a delicious meal together.


You should always consider preparing food for your family at home. This not only brings great memories but also makes you enjoy the good times. Eating a home-made meal be it breakfast, lunch or supper makes you stay together as a family. Therefore, consider trying out the above 5 cheapest foods the next time you are preparing a family meal. In so doing, you can be sure of a healthy Christmas since you can take care of a well-balanced diet.

Best ways To Celebrate This Holiday Without Spoiling Your January Budget.

It’s finally December!


The festive season is now in full gear.
Sadly, for some, this is also one of the most sorrowful seasons.

Whether sad or happy, you need to make the most of this month.

Yey, it’s almost Christmas, one of the most longed for festive seasons all over the world. However it’s unfortunate when the rainy season coincides with the Christmas season.

Christmas should be a holiday filled with cheer, decorations and time with family and friends.

With all the rain lately, there are landslides, flash floods, storms and all forms of disasters.

Christmas holidays are meant to make us forget all our troubles for some time. However, the rains come with unexpected costs for extra clothing, medication for cold as well as fixing destroyed fences and houses.
Are you looking for economical ways to celebrate Christmas during this rainy season?
Here are some ways you can celebrate without spending much as the month of January is watching from a distance.

Watch Christmas movies to learn the meaning of Christmas

Christmas movies are just a few bucks away on Netflix. You can also stream on YouTube for a lot of free Christmas movies. This will save you movie theatre tickets that are quite expensive during this time of the year.

Your spirit of adventure can also be quenched here as you learn on the origin of this day, both in the secular and religious perspectives.

The wide variety of movies and documentaries gives you all the freedom you need to choose one that suits you. All you need is a reliable internet connection. Also, since the rain might cause faults in the cable connections, you can download them when you get the chance to avoid inconveniences later.

Read Christmas stories together with your loved ones.
Enter the festive mode by reading both funny and inspirational stories together with your family members. This should be accompanied by discussions and just having a chat as a family. You can also sing carols found in the books for the young ones who might seem bored with the discussion part of the day. Reflect on the origin and purpose of Christmas.

Give gifts and presents to your neighbours.
Giving presents and gifts are common at this part of the year, but these gifts should not be centred around friends and family alone. Reach out to the needy people in your neighbourhood. Send gifts or offer your time to the children’s home and celebrate together with them because that is what Christians should do. Rain should not be a barrier, those far from you, send them subscription cards so that they acquire food from their nearest groceries and food stores.

Donate to your favourite charity.
Due to the rains, travelling can be a lot more expensive thus instead of visiting the needy give out the money inform of donations in the church, food banks, homeless shelters. At this time of the year many charities put up donation centres to collect these items. It’s very fulfilling to help someone in need during Christmas and any other time of the year.
Spend time at the hospital or an animal shelter helping with the work that might be available.

Encourage the sick in the hospitals, pray for them if you can, and just make sure you are there for them. Tend to the orphaned animals. By doing this, you’ll be giving back to the nature which is still a fun way of celebrating Christmas. Offer the love that most people need during this season but they have no one to give them.

During rainy season it gets messy due to heavy or light unending showers. You may incur extra costs when trying to maintain your annual Christmas routine. This article gives some ideas of Celebrating Christmas that are more economical and equally enjoyable. By watching movies and telling stories, you get to understand various perspectives of Christmas. You also get to spend time with your family. Showing love and giving back to nature are also some of the most fulfilling ways to spend a Rainy Christmas.
I wish you a Merry Christmas Folks!

20 Great Questions To Ask Yourself Now.

Unique questions boom a large of a brilliant life.

To achieve success we need to ask ouselves bigger questions, because excellent questions posses power.

In life, you have to evaluate yourself by asking yourself a few questions.


In so doing, you are able to know yourself better, and therefore improve where necessary.

Here are 20 questions you must ask yourself if you need to improve .

  1. What dreams do I want to achieve in my future?
  2. Do I evaluate my actions on a regular basis to know where I go wrong?
  3. Who am I free to share anything about me with?
  4. What do I do that is in line with my ambitions and goals?
  5. Which feelings that might affect my life do I usually have most of the times?
  6. Is there anyone who understands best about my aspirations in life?
  7. Where do I want to be in life in the next few years?
  8. How do I treat those people I interact with daily?
  9. When was the last time I said to myself, “I love you”?
  10. Do I have love for other people especially those around me?
  11. Who are the people I trust most with my secrets?
  12. What is it that keeps e from achieving my goals?
  13. Why do I have to keep my happiness after that of others?
  14. How often do I evaluate my life, how far I have gone, and what’s needed to be there?
  15. Are the friends I spend the most time with making me better?
  16. What’s my reputation out there especially to the people who matter most?
  17. Who will support me the most to reach my destiny?
  18. Am I a good example to those around me?
  19. What principles do I have that I can never let go?
  20. What undesirable trait do I need to change immediately?

The Bottom Line

Above are 20 questions you must ask yourself in order to understand yourself better.

When you do, you can rectify any mistakes you made and therefore make your life

Fulfilling. A good life is that which is evaluated so as to know your weaknesses and

Strengths. Thus, you can improve where necessary.

What is your one question, that you have for yourself this year? I’d love to hear it out . Is that question pushing you to make a difference in your life?Please leave a comment or suggestion below or on our contact page.

5 Bold Tips That Will Help You Get Along With Your Partner

Having a harmonious relationship with your in-laws may seem impossible to some. However, there are some tried and tested formulas that can help build your relationship with the difficult ones.

As if trying to convince your partner that you loved them was not hard enough, now you have to convince their family that you are what is best for them. For some, that is an easy fit. They walk into their in-law’s lives and everything works out as perfectly as it can be.

For others, it is an uphill tasked based on the idea that you need to prove that you are worth their child. Meeting the in-laws for the first time can be sometimes extremely distressing. So what can you do to ensure that the meeting goes as seamlessly as possible?

 1. Rivalry

This rivalry occurs when either or both women decide to be in competition with the other for the affection and attention of the man in question. It is a game of testing and seeing who the man responds to first or the most. It is also about who is more important to him and thus, most entitled to his love, care and attention.

Let them know that their child is cherished.

This is the number one rule. A parent’s greatest fear is for their child to live a life of misery. It does not matter whether you are from the moon.

The assurance that they want is that their child will be loved, honored, adored, nurtured and taken care of.

Let them know and see that you love their child and that it is in your interest to take care of their son or daughter.

 2.  Entitlement

A mother expects her son to take care of her when he is grown and working. Likewise, a wife expects her husband to take care of her and their family. The problem usually arises when one feels more entitled to that care than the other. But who really should be the man’s main prerogative? Should he pick one over the other or should he create a balance?

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Get to really know them. You do not go there and start introducing things from wherever you come from. Build trust.

Know their values, their beliefs, what they stand for, their culture, and if possible, learn even their language.

 Learn to speak a few words, such as greetings, for hospitality and so on.  

 3. Define boundaries

The boundaries I’m talking about are the legal and moral responsibilities of the parties involved.

Only a mother would understand how much a parent sacrifices just so her child can have a good life. It is every mother’s hope that she raises her children in such a way that one day they would, in turn, take care of her.

Even though a child never asked the parents to give birth to them, they naturally expect their parents to love and take care of them until they can stand on their own.

It is normal for a mother to expect the same kind of Iove and care from her child when he grows up. Unfortunately, whereas the mother is legally and morally compelled to provide that care, the son is not held to those responsibilities. Well, maybe not completely or explicitly. A son is and should morally be compelled to take care of his parents when they are obviously not able to do so by themselves.

  Hit the ground running

There is no time to start lamenting that, “Oh, even when I was getting married they had said I’m from another tribe, some of them did not even come for the wedding…”It is not time to lament.

Once you are in, immediately begin to make and form relationships. Communicate often. Communicate to them and with them.

 Find a channel of being able to do this so that you have a direct relationship beyond their son or daughter.

 4. Be compassionate

A husband being ‘one’ with his wife does not mean that the wife is more important than the mother. Neither does it absolve the son from taking care of his mother or parents.

It simply means that his priorities have shifted. This also does not mean that the wife should demand priority over the mother-in-law even in situations where stepping aside for the mother would not bring marital complications.

Marriage is about communication, compromise and understanding. Any good wife should discern when to demand or expect preferential treatment from her husband and when to step aside and allow others to be taken care of instead.

A wife that allows the mistreatment of her in-laws by her own husband probably does not love him sincerely. If she loves him, she will love his family as well.

Realize that it is not a contest

Sometimes women feel like they are in a contest with their in-laws or their mother-in-law, but that is not the case.

You cannot give what a mother-in-law can give, and vice versa. You both have different things to offer.

Do not belittle the place of the mother. A mother is the one who carried your spouse in the womb for nine months, bore him and nurtured him until they became old enough to find a partner.

Therefore, it is very important that you give the parents the respect that should be accorded to them as the people who raised someone worthy of your notice. Somebody said that you cannot eat a fruit from a tree which you do not like. Their child is a fruit from the tree of your in-laws. Does it make sense?

5.   Set your boundaries

You have started a new life with their son or daughter, so will she be coming to cook them breakfast? Check whether dinner is cooked? Massage them? Absolutely not. Some women complain that their mother-in-law even goes to their bedroom when the son is not feeling well and they feel very violated.

It is very important that you set boundaries with your in-laws, but treat them with a lot of respect while letting them know the rules of the house.

The Bottom Line

The very first thing you should do is desire to have an enriched relationship. Get mentorship from older people who have walked the journey. If you do not have them, seek professionals. If it is threatening your marriage, do not be embarrassed about what the problem is. People generally go through the same things, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. Do not wait for your relationship to be irreparable. Talk to a relationship coach. If family opinions always override what you and your spouse agree on, that is a dysfunctional relationship.

You can seek opinions outside of the family, but this should be just to enrich whatever decisions you want to make. Depending on where the partner comes from, the parents can have a lot of influence, particularly if they are supporting them financially. If someone is supporting you financially, you are always a slave to the lender. You can never get away from it until you are able to be financially free. You have to endure, even suck up, but it is only for a while, because if you do not have the money (and money is power), you can’t assert your opinion.